Why hello there :))

Welcome to Tanibooks. I am Tanya. I’m also ‘MUM’ to my daughter Tia-Rose (2005) and my son Seth (2007)
I am also known as mum or step monster to my son’s, father’s, step daughter Kyesha (2000) and his own twins Alara and Trey (2002) yes they are twins and I’m not going to get into how the above all works because no one ever understands no matter how hard I try.
I’m also Nanny to Kyesha’s 1 year old daughter Rorah.
Being surrounded by so many kids (the only one who doesn’t live with me or visit much is Alara because she lives 5 hours away with her mum) I always have crazy stories and antics to blog about. From teenage tantrums over dramas with friends to baby tantrums over wanting to watch birds for 5 hours straight.
I have important things to discuss like my daughter throwing tantrums, slamming doors, hating on me and giving me the silent treatment because a pair of her shorts make her look fat one day but fabulous the next.
Important things like how the fbi might judge me if they ever went through my son’s google history and found “What colour is a fart?” “Why does Donald Trump have a dick where his nose should be?” And “How many rings does Uranus have?”
And super important business such as the world going crazy with genders and having labels. It’s gotten to the point where fat people want to be transfat because they’re fat in a skinny person’s body! What even is the world?
Alright so let’s get to business…

Enjoy my blogs and if you have any queries, feedback or anything at all, email me – bundymums@hotmail.com

Enjoy, Love Tanibooks xx


My crazy Brady bunch!

 My 15 Year old step son Trey aka Boof

 My 9 year old son Seth – Aka Sethy Boy!

My 15 year old step daughter Alara aka Lara and wa wa.

 My 12 year old daughter Tia-Rose

The Brady bunch in one photo which is a rare capture

17 year old Kyesha aka Ky.  She is also the twins bigger sister. (same mum,diff dads)

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