3 Generations Of Cooking

Do you remember going to visit your nan and her house would smell of the scents of your grandma’s favorite recepies? My grandma loved baking apple pies, making stews, she could do amazing rissoles that never fell apart (don’t ask me how) and she always made these unbelievable dumplings that would melt in your mouth. My grandma was like the best cook ever and always had our favorite foods awaiting us.

My mum on the other hand was more of a baker. She would make the most amazing cakes, cup cakes, biscuits, cheese cakes… I was obsessed with her butterfly cakes, lamingtons and her choc chip cookies. mmmm mmmm
How ever her cooking wasn’t much like her mother’s. LOL!!! My mum has a thing for burning rissoles, fish cakes and sausages. Much to my horror, I have inherited burning snags myself 😮 Everything was cooked in a fry pan. UGH!

I on the other hand, am not much of a cook or a baker. Everything I try to bake falls apart and looks like something from the moon’s crater and my cooking is fairly basic.

But at the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like your grandma’s cooking. I guess it’s all they had to do back in those days. Clean, raise kids and cook. There was plenty of time to master cooking skills in those days.

I guess these days, there is way too much packet, frozen, tins and fast food around to the point that cooking has pretty flown out the window.

What was your nans best recipe?

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