Samsung vs iPhone

I have been using iPhones ever since they first come out. Well, since the iPhone 4 anyways. Contract after contract, I love apple. I got no idea how to set them up or what to do in a technical crisis but that’s what friends are for right?
My sister loves apple so much, she’s owns an iPod and an iPad mini. She gave her old iPad 2 to our mum.
I got my daughter an iPad air 2 on the same contract as my iPhone 6s plus. And my 9 year old has an iPod.

My daughter’s father passes her down all his contract iPhone’s after he’s done with them. She never used them other than when she went on holidays to see him to stay in touch with me and play games on the phone when she got bored.

2 years ago he got the Samsung 5s and recently upgraded to an 8s. He swears on Samsung so he sends his samsung 5s to our daughter.

My step son has a huwaii phone which is android too. I’ve tried hard to use it, but can’t wrap my head around android at all without wanting to throw the dam thing. Then again i’ve never sat at it long enough to even get a concept.

So this 5s comes in the mail and her dad tells me to set it up for her while she’s at school and charge it up so she has a nice present when she gets home. With his help it was actually surprisingly easy to set up. But anything passed that point was a mission.

My last phone was an iPhone 6 plus. The speaker on it went poof so I sold it when my contract was up and got a new iPhone 6 s plus. I have only had this phone for just over a year and the same thing has happened. I’m not very happy because making calls or receiving calls is virtually impossible without headphones or putting the loud speaker on for everyone to hear your convo. My Isp won’t fix my phone unless I go without a phone for a week or so while they send it away. Are they kidding me? I have my banking and everything on my phone and use 90% of the apps on a daily basis. I would literally need a replacement iPhone I could log into for all my stuff but they don’t do replacement phones unless you apply for one and wait for it. Not to mention pay for the rental. Are they serious? I pay all this extra for insurance and warranty for a phone I can’t even make or receive calls on anymore unless i carry headphones on me at all times or tell people to wait while i find them and plug them in. So embarrassing.

My daughter only takes her iPad to school and leaves her phone at home during school hours. She only uses it if her iPad is dead, to play a few games or talk to her dad and one of her friends who doesn’t have an apple product.
So i decided to use put her phone number on private and use her phone for any important calls I need to make.
I’m actually quite impressed with the sound quality on Samsung products compared to Apple.

My contract is up in roughly 5 months so i’ve been tossing and turning over going for a Samsung next or to get another apple and have the speaker blow out after a year for a 3 time in a row. I love apple with the iMessages, face time, and i love the fast processor to load apps. Samsung are a little laggy and slower it seems. It could just be the fact my daughters samsung is a bit older i guess but deciding on sticking with Apple or going for a Samsung next is really tough.

Bring back the old reliable Nokia’s that never let us down and were built to withstand all injuries i say!!!!

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  1. Malisa says: October 6, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    This is really confusing when it comes to choosing a smartphone these days, as there are huge varieties, and specifications.
    Thanks for your guidance.

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