Negative Parenting Today

Do you remember back in the 80’s or even before that… We would all play cricket in the street, stay out till the street lights came on, we would have mud fights, ride our push bikes, do cart wheels, hand stands, flips on the trampoline, climb trees and fall out of them (that was actually fun lol) play slinkys down our stairs, we would all walk or ride to school on our own or with friends, and we would get around singing “Eenie meenie miney moe, catch a nigga by the toe. If he squeals let him go. Eenie meenie miney moe.” Don’t forget stuffing our faces with golliwogs, you would hug your friends in primary school and even hold hands on the way on the way to the library to stick together!

Yea those were the days…. The days when the world was relaxed and easy going.

Today – Playing cricket in the street would lead to an arrest, staying out till street lights went on would be a crisis, having a mud fight would be an Australian world war 3 with parents carrying on about germs and what not, riding bikes is a rare find in the streets unless it’s to and from school, doing cart wheels and hand stands is now banned from schools, flipping on the trampoline is now a 000 matter, climbing up a tree has become a news story for danger, riding or walking to school under the age of 12 is now banned without a parent because a pedophile MIGHT interfere with them, if you got around singing eenie meenie miney moe with the old version in this generation you’d most likely get kicked out of school and if a young child was to hug a friend or hold their hand around school, they would be charged with sexual assault!!!!

WHAT THE ACTUAL F??? Obviously I am slightly exaggerating BUT let’s face it, that’s how people are carrying on today about kids doing anything that requires bubble wrap or cotton wool!

SO many parents have turned into panic merchants. I’m all for changing with the times but this is bloody ridiculous.

I can’t even log on to the internet anymore without reading posts or comments by other parents that are so negative.

Like “Hey that kids seat belt isn’t on properly, you shouldn’t be a parent!” – How the hell do you know that car was in motion or that the child didn’t move out of it them selves? You drive? You got eyes in the back of your dam heads?

“Hey your toddler doesn’t have a shirt on, a pedophile will come rape it” – SERIOUSLY??? What the hell were you doing looking at the toddler that way in the first place to even give you that thought?

“Is that your kid playing with dirt? They’re gonna catch a nasty disease” – Really? So you caught flipping aids from playing with dirt as a child did you? You personally know someone who has died from playing with dirt? You idiots!

Look I get that times have changed, people have changed, society and this generation has changed too but not for the better. I get that the world has become a scarier place and that parents feel the need to bubble their kids. I get all of that but what I don’t get is the negative comments and judgement on their own friends and family for being a bit more relaxed than others with their kids. Not everything has to be about being that uptight that you’ve turned into some one who thinks they should be an internet cop. You are not god’s gift to the world, you’re not perfect and you definitely don’t know everything. The world is quick to judge and assume before actually knowing the truth. That is how the world is today. You’re all assholes!

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