Worst Trip To Dominoes Ever

As parents we all know how busy life can be amd all the cbf (can’t be f***ed) moments that come with it. You know the ones like when you’re in a rush, your kids are already in the car waiting for you, they’ve beeped the horn 10 times and you’re like “cbf putting make up on then, gotta go” Or when you’ve been out gardening and get dirt on your clothes but just remembered you need something from the corner store but cbf changing clothes. Or even those get out of bed in the morning’s and spend it rushed to get your kids ready for school so you cbf brushing your hair, changing or even taking your slippers off. You jump and run hoping no one will see you!
SO I thought I would share some of most awkward cbf and mummy moments from over the years since I had kids with you all. Enjoy the laughs at my expense :))

Awkward CBF moment: It was like 5 pm in the afternoon when my other half asked me what I was cooking for dinner that night.
I’d had a big day this particular day. You know one of those kind of days you’re run off your feet with kids and errands to the point you can’t even recall what you ate for breakfast that day? Well this was on those days and I had totally unplanned for dinner. “Guess it’s a cbf cooking night with toasted sangas for the adults and mac n cheese for the kids” I reply embarrassed that I totally didn’t put dinner on the cards. “Nah f that” My partner says. “Let’s get dominoes” He continues. Music to a mother’s ears after a long hard day. Dinner pre made was a sure treat.

So i’d been out most that and when I got home at like 4:30pm I wanted some more relaxing kind of clothes on so I chucked on a t-shirt with my denim 3 quarter pants. These imp articular pants were not ones I ever wore in public because they were just slightly a bit too big for me and often had a tendency to fall down if I didn’t keep pulling them up. I bought them online in my size expecting them to fit. They were branded roxy so I kept them because they were actually quite comfortable.

So when my other half announced on que that he is ready to go get pizza then and there, I was left with a choice on changing a 2nd time or leave the pants on and hope for the best. I go to the bathroom and the horn is already beeping from my impatient male. I grab my 5 year old and 8 year old at the time and rush to the car while holding my pants up.
On the drive to the pizza shop i’m considering all my options with these surprise pants and convince my self with the 2 kids helping me to carry stuff that I should escape this pickle in one piece.

No issues with my pants while walking in to collect the order. PHEW! How ever, I grab the 3 boxes of pizza, the bottle of coke and garlic bread realizing it’s not going to matter if the kids help me. They can’t help with the pizza as it’s way too hot for them to carry. I pass the coke to my son and the garlic bread to my daughter. I still need 2 hands to carry the 3 pizzas I got. Uh oh!

My other half parked like 8 cars down the road in front of the cop shop. My brain is ticking over time with options on how to deal with the situation as we walk past car 1 and I’m already starting to feel my pants lower just a tiny little bit. I realize I probably should have pulled my pants right back up while at the counter before accepting the pizza’s. It’s too late to think about what I could have/should have done. I had to worry about the ‘now!’ situation that I faced.
“Only 7 cars to go. Make a run for it and prey or take it real slow?” I wonder to my self in a panic. I decide to take it real slow despite the fact the kids have already taken off and waiting at the car for me.
My pants start to lower a bit more to the point I was glad to be wearing a t-shirt so on coming pedestrian’s didn’t freak out at the sight of my crack!!!
I make it to the car with my pants still in tact and secretly cheering for joy under my breathe. I open the back door to put the pizza’s on the floor of the car when out of no where my pants literally go flying to my ankles like a pencil dropping in a silent classroom. I’m panicking hard core and without even thinking, I very quickly put the pizza’s on the floor almost falling out of my arms and quickly pull my pants up thinking I got away with murder.
Little did I realize, when I turned around to go to the front passengers door that I was in a clear bulls eye view of the police station and a couple of officers who were walking out at the exact moment giving me a knowing grin that they had seen my awkward moment.Needless to say I went home dying of shame that afternoon and never even contemplated wearing those pants again!!!

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