Open Sesame??

Gotta love grocery shopping with kids right? “I want this, I want that?” They end up making you that frustrated, you end up forgetting what you even went to buy in the first place!
Well it was one of those days doing the grocery shopping. I ended up getting every thing I thought I needed to. Probably forgot a zillion things in the process but I was in a real hurry to leave with all the embaressing tantrums and screams of wanting everything off of the shelves.

The after relief is serenity when you finally get through that check out and know you’re just minutes away from getting in the car and getting your turds home from all the eye candy at the shops.

My son wants to push the trolley out to the car with my daughter standing on the end of the trolley. You know for a fact that one of them is probably going to get hurt, run into someone by accident or they’re going to run over your toes. But at this stage you’re just dying to get the hell out of there. “Sure honey, you can push the trolley out to the car” Mean while under you’re breathe, your’e really hoping he gets frustrated after 2. 5 seconds once he realizes how hard it is to push it when it’s got a buckled wheel and a mind of it’s own.
My son didn’t seem to have any issues with the trolley pulling to one side or buckling up. I found myself jealous that I didn’t get that shopping experience while getting groceries and trying to push around 2 kids who wanted to be in the trolley or standing on the outside of it. UGH! I know most mums would be dreaming of going home to a glass of wine but my dream was getting home to a cup of tea and letting nickleodeon babysit the kids for 10 mins while i relax in peace.

My son decided it would be a great idea to spin the trolley around at this point with his sister standing on the end of it. She’s not expecting it and your heart starts racing a million beats an hour for seeing her flying off and your son possibly getting a fat lip from the after math when the trolley whacks him too. So I start running for them like marathons are my biggest strength. I manage to stop the trolley and grab my daughter at the same time before anything awkward or painful happen. Phew! All in the day of a life of being a super mum. I tell myself as I put my daughter down and go to push the trolley myself this time.

“No mummy, I want to push the trolley” My son says. UGH! I’m now starting to get irritated and wanting to be home in the click of Dorothy heals. “Fine but let me help so we can be quicker” I say to my son. He snatches it off of me and takes off with his sister beside him. I was pleased they were making this trip out happen a bit faster. The kids got out side of the automatic doors and waited for me yelling “Come on slow poach” Riiiight! So now they were in a hurry after all the stops and dramas along the way.

Anyways my phone buzzes as I am about to approach the automatic doors. I grab for my phone from my pocket while I’m still walking…. SMACK BANG DROP! :O :O :O Wtf? I realized after half a split second that I was on the floor of the shopping center’s entrant. I looked in front of me to see my kids were laughing their jolly heads off while on comers and shoppers were either coming to help me up or laughing too. It was in that very moment I realized that I must have been heading out straight as they closed from someone coming in or out and I’ve walked straight into and rebounded to the ground. OUCHIES!!!! Quite the embarrassment and needles to say I didn’t go back to the grocery store for a while and had not 1 but 2 cups of tea with a bag of frozen peas to my elbow when I got home!

While this may be the first and last time I have ever rebounded off an automatic door, I’ve actually had many encounters with store doors either walking into them or trying to pull when it says push or push when it says pull! UGH!!!

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