World Of Hate

This world is so full of hate and ignorance today. Makes me so mad!!! I grew up in a family with racism, strict Catholics (yet never once went to church) judgmental on people’s belief’s and life styles and don’t even get me started on their feelings towards gays/lesbians. etc…
I grew up with a family full of hate. My mum was the only decent human being that stayed mutual.

When I was a kid my grandma would tell me never to make eye contact with black kids in the streets and always wash my hands after touching money in case a ‘darkie’ had touched it.

I guess their hate made me more curious. When I was 12, I made friends with a black girl named Kylie. She was really really nice and her family was amazing. Her dad was so funny, her mum was sweet and kind and her siblings were all happy bubbly rays of sunshine. I couldn’t understand my families hate. When I got caught hanging around Kylie and her family (I had snuck behind my families back)A shit storm ensued and I was banned from her for life. Kylie never spoke to me again either because my father was not shy about his feelings with her father. It was heart breaking. I just couldn’t for the life of me understand that hate. My family made it clear if I ever ended up dating a black guy I would be disowned and the same would happen if I ever got into girls.

As I got older, I actually had quite a few friends who were black or lesbian/gay or bisexual. But it was hard to keep those friendships because I couldn’t invite them to my house and If I had of got got caught over their houses I would be homeless.
I couldn’t tell them this either because I hated HATE and did not want them to hate my family for their belief’s. It was hard.

My dad was over the moon when I ended up dating a full blown catholic. He and his family were the worst people i’d ever met in my entire life and I ended up having a daughter with him. My dad pushed me to stay with the wanker despite the fact he was violent, verbally abusive and a drug addict/alcoholic. I had to learn right from wrong and stop the hate on my own!

Imagine my dad’s horror when I fell in love with a wonderful Caucasian man …. with aboriginal kids. Yes my step children are aboriginal as is their mother. My dad had to grit his teeth and deal with it but made his feelings quite clear every time I had the kids over. It was humiliating and often my other half would want to knock my dad out but always made sure to put on a smile and ignore his ignorance.

Despite growing up with a family full of hate. I am atheist – but I don’t judge people for any of their religions or beliefs. They don’t preach on to me so I don’t preach on to them. I’m mutual.
I am 110% racists AGAINST EVERY RACE including my own. You know why? Because their are good and bad people in every single race on this entire planet. My motto is: “If your’e nice to me, i’ll be nice to you.” I don’t judge based on colour, lifestyles or how they look. I base on how they treat other people.

As for lesbian’s and gays – I’m not for or against it. Same rules apply just like everything else to me. If they don’t hate on me for being straight then why should I judge on them for being lesbian or gay? It’s all our own business who we date and fall in love with.

My grandmother and father have since passed away but I have a great Aunt who is full blown religious to the point of church, donating to her church, she says grace before every meal and swears on god, I have an aunty who is into spiritualism, my step children are aboriginal, my nephews mum is a lesbian and guess what? They’re all the most nicest, amazing people you could ever meet. I have no room for hate or judgement based on stereotypes. My own religious belief is “each to their own”

Makes me so sad seeing all the hate in this world. There is plenty of assholes in this world without defining their behavior to a specific race, belief, culture etc..

A lot of people even hate on muslims now because of all the extreme muslim terrorist. Are you kidding me? They’re a specific group called Isis. My dr is a muslim, she is the best dr in the surgery. She wears the muslim out fit (I don’t know what it’s called but) and not once has she ever preached her culture or beliefs on to me. Her children wear the same out fits and are so dam cute.

I hate on Isis, I hate on cults, I hate on politics and governments etc because they are all the ones full of hate. I hate on the haters!

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