Mr No body


There is milk spilled all over the kitchen counter and you know for a fact you didn’t do it. You want to know the culprit is so you go through all your kids, an even your spouse “Who spilt milk everywhere? You ask? “wasn’t me!” They all reply. So you clean it up your self.

You’re in your actual child’s room. You find food and lolly wrappers a long with plates and dishes. You go blast their ears off only for them to reply “It wasn’t me” Of course it was bloody them, even if it was a friend they had over, they’re still responsible but of course seeing as that no body came to visit – you clean it your self.

You go to the toilet, you stand in urine, followed by sitting in it on the toilet seat. You’re angry and had this chat with the boys of your house hold many many times. It’s disgusting. You ask your sons “It wasn’t me” they say. So your ask your other half and get the same response.
Well I guess the ghost in our house likes to pee on our floors and seats. How disrespectful you can’t even evict mr body because you’ve never met him.

You’re getting more and more desperate to meet this mr no body because some weird stuff is going down in your house like socks keep going missing, hair ties vanish,pens and pencils were there 5 mins ago but disappeared right under your nose, lights keep miraculously turning them selves on and off like all the electricity in the house starts to have a mind of it’s own,  clothes go missing, food goes missing, the last toilet roll has even ended up down to the cardboard roll. You think you’re going crazy because there’s a chance your house is eating everything seeing as no one wants to admit it was them who did anything. It was that bloody ghost mr nobody.

Don’t even get me started on phone chargers. Like everyone in my house hold has an apple or Samsung product that all require the same sort of chargers. They get broken or go missing (INCLUDING MINE) but do you think anyone wants to admit to it? Nope that mr no body did It

Who else is desperate to meet this Mr Nobody and hand him an eviction notice?

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