Christmas and new years resolutions

Christmas and New years resolutions
So every year, Im that mum that spends 12 months putting presents off and making resolutions I never follow through with.
I mean, It was great when the kids were little. There were so many things to buy for the kids. I would do Lay buys in July, pay them off till x-mas eve and get my mum to watch the kids while they’re asleep then race to the stores to grab them off lay buy and wrap them all up while the kids were asleep so they could wake up to a tree full of pressies.
The kids would wake up and be more exited about pulling the paper off than what the actual was underneathe it. Gosh those were the days!
It was great. But as they got older, they got harder to buy for because technology took over. Ipods, ipads, Nintendo ds lites, xbox’s and all the expensive stuff. Once they had all of that stuff, they lost interest in having anything else. Each year become a mission for birthdays and x-mas’s with buying gifts.
I started giving them money every year on occasions to buy their own stuff. My daughter is a reckless spender who buys crap that she can only use for a few days before it gets tossed to the sde while my son spends wisely but it still goes on stuff he only plays with for a days as well. Then they started complaining every year that getting money was boring and wasnt the same as getting presents that were wrapped up under the year.
Years were spent last minute shopping a day or 2 before x-mas day all the madness in shops with all the good stuff already gone. I hated the last minute x-mas rush with presents, food, putting on events for family etc… was so stressful every year.
Even resolutions like “I’ll quit smoking, we will do this to the house, that to the house, save money, go on a holiday” etc..
Spent this year pondering over everything and decided no more last minute rushes, no more new years resolutions and no more big family x-mas breakfasts and lunches. Don’t get me wrong the family meals were fun. I have an amazing family but by the time afternoon struck, we’d all be sick and so full that dinner time wasn’t appealing at all. Im sure we gained 10kgs a year just from x-mas food lol
So this year I took up doing something about it all in November. I started putting $30 a week into my savings account without a fail and did all the kids Xmas shopping over 4 days via online shopping and some from shops out of catalogs. I don’t even have a care in the world this year if they don’t like their presents. I personally think I’ve done well but Christmas day will tell the truth.
Here’s to a great kickoff to the end of the year were I am fully prepared. Presents are all here, wrapped and ready for the tree. I got the tree out, clean it off and found the decorations all in November as well. Ordered the ham for Xmas day and not having family over this year. It’s going to be a very relaxed occasion for once. How’s your Xmas plan coming along so far?

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