Technology can bite me!

I feel so old in this stone age with all these new technology things coming out on a daily basis.
I didn’t have a mobile phone till I was 20. I didn’t even have internet untill I was 22. Using a mobile phone back then was fairly simple… you dial the number in using the green button and you end the call with the red button. Same applied for recieving calls. How ever don’t get me started on how long it took me to learn how to do text messaging.
“You have a new message from Jane Doe” would pop up on my screen. I’d open it up “Hi Tanya, what are you to?” The message said. “jduu499” would often be my reply if I didn’t accidentally delete the message before getting a chance to reply. I remember the first 2 motorolla’s I ever have, I purposely destroyed them both due to not being able to reply to my text messages.
Didn’t want a bloody phone anymore with all the texting crap. A friend of mine ended up showing me how to do it all and I was fine after that but in come picture messages and new phones after that. I clung tight to my basic nokia for as long as I could. It frustrated everyone I knew because they’d send me photo’s and I couldn’t view them.
As for the internet, I’d like a dollar for every virus I caught in the beginning just by clicking on links like “congratulations, you just won a new car” OR “your lottery ticket is a winner of $1,000000” The many heart breaks I had and the amount of money I cost my parents in bills simply because I was a technical retard when trying to use their latest technology because my dad wanted to keep up with the times. It was bad enough when my brother bought my mum a microwave back in the 90s It took me so long to learn how to use it. Thankfully I was really young when cd’s came out so I knew how to use DVD’s when they came out but I was really disappointed that all my years of recording t.v shows, music and movies on VHS were gone 🙁
10 years after phones and internet came out, I was finally a boss at technology. I even mastered face book.. Ok not really, sometimes I still have to ask some one for help with certain things but I can mostly do anything without aid on the internet and social media! I’ve even got snap chat and instagram with a lot of patience.
Then they had to go bring the flippin Ipods, iPhones and iPad’s out didn’t they? And my kids were older and had to have an iPod…. I’m not even kidding here when I say it took me DAYS, loads of phone calls and much help to get them both set up. And don’t even get me started on actually using the dam device. My kids ended up having to show me everthing.
I ended up enjoying it so much I ended up getting myself an iPhone. Couldn’t set it up for the life of me either so had to get someone else to do it.
Same happened 2 years ago when I got the latest iPhone 6 had to get a friend to set it all up. I still have difficulties with things like settings and the minor glitches that happens but hey – that’s what friends and kids are for right?
If that all wasn’t bad enough, every buisness in Australia has decided it would be a cool idea to have automative services to answer their calls. You spend like half a bloody hour on the phone trying to call through all the prompts just to speak to one dam person. So many prompts for so many different things and you accidentally press the wrong prompt, they put you right back to the start. Are they bloody serious? I often shout down the phone for them to press 1 if they’d like to wipe their ass with the phone or press 2 if they want to speak to someone who can hurdle abuse in a fully fluent Australia accent! MOFOS!
And what’s this crap all through the shopping centres where you have to serve your self? Serve myself? That’s what us women do when we don’t have a man to serve us! Serve my bloody self? I gave it a try one day just to see what the fuss was all about. I couldn’t for the life figure it out. My kids and their dad bolted out of the shop in a hurry when I suddenly got surrounded by like 3 bi lo workers to help me figure out how to do groceries by myself. Never bothered again as I was so humiliated after that. I looked like a complete loser and had no clue at all what I was doing. The workers thought it was hillarious. Oh my I feel so sorry for all the elderly people who have not a clue how to use an ounce of technology.
I was in my 20’s when my grandma got a keycard and she had to get me to show her how to use it. I felt important back then but now I am my grandma and getting my kids to teach me technology and no doubt my grandkids will be doing the same.

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