How to play fortnite – By Seth

Fortnite for dummies:
step 1 Load up fortnite in the epic games launcher.
step 2 once it’s done loading up click battle royale unless you wanna play save the world {you came here for battle royale right}.
step 3 once you’ve clicked battle royale go onto the solo playlist and click ready up.
step 4 once you’re in the game be ready to jump out the battle bus.
step 5 so you’re in the battle bus ready to jump I would normally land tilted towers myself but you as a “noob” should land somewhere else safe like wailing woods junk junction or maybe even lucky landing {if you’re feeling lucky}.
step 6 so you have your guns and you have shields and you have all the mats in the world you see someone up ahead what do you do? :A shoot and him/her :B build up and take the high ground and shoot them :C or dance and hope the don’t kill you. {I will give you a hint its not C } anyway if you chose B you win the golden llama hip hip hoorayyyyy.

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