I get asked often how my nick name came about… I’ve been Tanibop since I was just 10 years old.
Growing up with 4 older brothers who loved to shit stir, pick on me, give me shit and even throw me off the back porch on to the trampoline – the house was never short of someone pulling pranks or starting shit.
They listened to all sorts of crap for music. Like my brother Bill loved the Bangles. We would get up and dance on his bed together like total spaz jobs to walk like an Egyptian. While my other brother Gary loved his heavy metal – He would crank acdc, and guns and roses to the point that I knew every word to Thunder and November rain. UGH!
My oldest brother Anthony, how ever was into Poison and Alice Cooper.
My mum was into 60’s and 70’s stuff like Abba and Itsy Bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini -_- while my old man was in to Kevin Bloody Wilson. My poor dam ears… mean while I just wanted to learn how to do the Lambada and kick back with the beach boys down in Kokamo!

When Poison came out with the song “Unskinny Bop” my life was changed for ever. My name is Tanya and I was so skinny that I was constantly picked on for being so tiny. My brothers found it hilarious putting my name together with that song. I became known as Tanibop from that day forward. While I thought it was funny and adorable at the time, I always got some really strange looks or backlash when I explained to people how i got my nick name. I never knew why I got those looks or cursed at for it – I later grew up and actually found out what the lyrics to that song actually meant -_- AWLWARD!

So now you know how I became the infamous Tanibop, let me leave you with some lyrics…

Oh Tanibop, just blows me away (You’re welcome)
Oh tani bop, bop
All night and day (Glad I found the energy for that shit)
Oh tani bop bop bop bop
she just loves to play (Oh do I now?)
Oh Tanibop nothing more to say (Yep that sounds about right)

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