Kevin Wilson thought he had a c**t of a day…

I’m having an amazing day so far! *Insert much sarcasm*
Started off with sleeping in 5 mins extra which put me 5 mins behind on schedule getting kids off to school. It wasn’t all that bad I guess, we’ve all been there and done that on many occasions.
But it kinda escalated from there really… While my son logged into his math class (he is in distance ed at home) I was busting to go to the toilet as I hadn’t had the chance to previously being behind time. So I race down the hallway as if i’m running a marathon and life will end if I don’t cross that finish line first.
BANG, CLASH, BOOF! I hit the floor… WTF? Turns out I was in such a hurry that I didn’t make my turn into the bathroom quite on spot. I hit the corner wall of the door and rebounded with quite the thud! OUCH! Never mind, get back up, scrape it off and do what I came for.
Go about my day starting with cleaning the kitchen while making my son breakfast. I made him toast this morning. I give him his breakfast while he’s in class and then I go about starting on cleaning the lounge room up. Whilst cleaning up the lounge room, I pulled out of one of the cupboard drawers to put some of my son’s new school stuff into it.
BANG, CLASH, THUD… My leg and knee were in severe pain. I was screaming and yodeling like a woman pushing a 12 pound babies head out of her twat. The cupboard drawer wasn’t on it’s hinges properly and came all the way out, sliding down it’s rollers like it flying down an snow slope on skis… I had no time to stop it with how fast it rolled out. Rolled straight on my leg and knee at full force with all the contents still in the drawer… and some of it now on the floor.
Once I was finished with cleaning the lounge room and the worst of the pain has subsided, I wanted a cup of tea. So I go in to my clean kitchen to find my son’s empty plate from having toast and his empty cup of cold water I gave him with his breakfast. I expected that. But what I didn’t expect was to see a bowl of mostly eaten cereal beside the empty plate, along with a an empty cup of what appeared to have coco pop milk. The bowl had chocolate milk around it as well meaning that someone had just had a bowl of coco pops and poured the left over milk from it into a cup and drank it.
There’s just one problem with this scenario. I had toast too and ate mine prior to washing up. My daughter her peanut butter toast on the way to being dropped at school. I’d already washed the dishes and no one else was around. There was only the 3 of us here this morning. The empty bowl and cup had been delivered to my kitchen AFTER i had cleaned up the kitchen. -_- So naturally, I started freaking the fuck out. Like who the hell came into my house and helped them selves to my cereal while I was cleaning the lounge room up?
Did we have a ghost that eating my food? I needed to find the mystery culprit.
So I search through every bedroom, the back yard, the front yard, the rumpus room and the shed. It’s just me and my 11 year old son. We’re all alone with not a god dam being in sight.
I am defeated. There is no logical explanation for this mystery cereal bowl or it’s matching cup. I resort to the fact that my memory is shot. It was clearly evident that I hadn’t washed up every dish. I’d missed 2 without realizing.
I go over to my son and ask if he wants anything before I go and sit down. I was buggered and wanted a 5 min rest. He said he didn’t want anything but asked me why I looked upset.
I explained to him what happened with the mystery dishes and thought my memory was playing tricks on me. My son starts laughing like a hyena. He can’t stop laughing. Between his laughter, he manages to tell me that it was him. He’d forgotten to take his dishes to the sink yesterday morning after breakfast so he did it this morning.
That news didn’t make me feel much better because I didn’t even notice that he still had dishes at his desk. -_-
Wonder what else today can possibly bring me??? Stay tuned…

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