A mummy gone rogue…

This is a poem I wrote in regards to a family member leaving their child with me. The purpose of the poem is my feelings on how the now toddler is going to grow up feeling confused as to why she doesn’t have a mother.
And as confusing as the poem might seem as I refer to myself as ‘Nanny’ I am not biologically related to the child but she mixes in via family and has been raised to call me nanny..

Watching the birdies, she screams with delight, thrashing her arms and legs around.
She talks to them, wants to cuddle them and mimicks their tweeting sound.
“Nanna” she yells with a cheeky grin,knowing I hate that word.
“It’s nanny, you’re silly” I say to her. “Im going to get you, you little turd”
She power crawls away, so fast as she giggles while trying to escape from me.
I catch up to her and tickle her while smiling because the best things in life are free.
When she laughs too hard she gets the hiccups, so I make her laugh some more.
She climbs off my lap to get away from it all, power crawls out the back door.
She takes a deep breathe trying not to laugh anymore, jumps on her bike to play.
She rides around going back and forth while pressing the music buttons all day.
My phone is ringing, the I.d says ‘mum’ we always answer the call.
She tries hard to make an effort but just wants to play with the ball.
She’s too young to understand right now that mummy gave up at birth.
Left her with nanny and walked right out, to go find what love was worth.
No family in sight, no friends around, just guy after guy to blow.
She’s all alone with a hunger for love while running short of places to go.
Lie after lie, playing the victim too all, she sure does have a reputation.
Avoids her daughter using every excuse but doesn’t understand everyone’s frustration.
I don’t know what the future holds or if she will ever change?
A little girl growing up to be raised with out a mum, she will think it’s very strange.
A hole in her heart, unanswered questions and nothing to fill the void.
Lonely nights feeling unloved and unwanted, feeling at fault and paranoid.
Please get some help before it’s too late.
Your daughter needs you as a mum and a best mate.

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