I’m Offended…

I started blogging because I love writing. I have heaps of things i’d love to blog about. I’d love to write about my experiences with Domestic violence as a survivor, a narcissistic sociopath family friend, my father going down hill with dementia and eventually passing away, the narcissistic leaving her 5 week old baby on my door step and never returning and everything I’ve had to go through since that day.
I’d love to talk politics, the changes of the world, equality, travel, sports etc etc…

But I can’t! I can’t write about domestic violence because some one will get offended that It’s about a male and female. I would get attacked because my story involves a male abusing a female. This would offend someone that I would be stereotyping. It actually happens in all different sexes, races, ethnics, religions and genders. No fucking shit sherlock. But can I write about domestic violence about other sexes, races, ethnics, religions or genders? No I can’t because I haven’t experienced that. I would have to blog fiction crap in order to blog such things.

I can’t blog about my experience with a narcissistic because the person it’s in regards to follows my blog and if they caught on that it was about them – they would unleash hell on me because they would be offended.
I cant write about that person leaving their baby with me and never coming back either. For the same reason above plus it would involve me talking about child protection services and other government agencies. I’m on sides with CPS and agree with everything little bit of involvement they’ve had which would cause a lot of people to get offended when 99% of people believe CPS are nothing but dogs and kidnappers. I could also go to jail for breaching the child’s privacy by talking about it. It’s all a crock of shit.

I can’t blog about my father getting sick and passing away because it would involve putting down a particular nursing home and their staff. It would only lead me to get attacked because people would get offended thinking that i’m dissing on ALL nursing homes and workers when I’m not. It would offend people because my father was a sexist pig that made dirty jokes, slapped nurses on the ass and flirted. He was almost slapped with a sexual harassment suit over the whole thing. I just don’t even want to imagine what all the haters would get offended over.

I’m too scared to touch any subject really, because people get so easily offended to the point of insanity. And it’s not just about the attacks that I would get on my self and my style of writing (as I love to use sarcasm)
It’s mostly about the hate you all bring to each other in comments.
What the fuck has he world come to? There is no more freedom of speech, no one is allowed to have opinions or feelings of their own on anything any more without getting hated on.

No wonder there is so much suicide in this stone age… our rights to express our selves and be our selves got stripped from us with the world wife of internet and social media. Every one loves to sit behind a computer or phone screen acting like their lives are all perfect but yet quick to forget that even if they are perfect – it took a while to get there and at some point in their lives, they had a demon to battle before they could climb to the top of the mountain. There is always some one better off than us and always someone worse off than use no matter what mountain or rabbit hole we are sitting in.

I can’t sit here and list every single change that’s been made to the world in order protect the people who get offended, but the ones I can think of off the top of my head are:

Bah bah black sheep. It had to be changed in every school to be a Rainbow sheep. Now I don’t know about you, but i’ve never seen rainbow sheep before? Not since I was in preschool and had to colour one in and went all out giving it a multicoloured fur coat. And while I understand that ‘black sheep’ refers to the odd one out which applied to the indigenous community, as they were outcasted for their colour and turned into slaves.
Why would they be offended over the song? Racism is still existent in this generation and the song sets a dam good notion on racism. It’s not a song of offence – It’s true! Racism is still very much a thing so why turn a song of example into a stupid song for children to mock? Who ever thought of a rainbow sheep must have been on some dam good shit the day they come up with it.

fags to fads: I don’t even know who thought to resemble homosexuals with this word? A fag is actually a cigarette and always had been. The candy had absolutely no resemblance what so ever to anything that was in relation to homosexuality. It resembled exactly what it was suppose to – A FAG! With it’s long white body and red head, it looked just like a cigarette which was the intent and purpose of this candy so kids could act cool back in the 80’s and 90’s pretending to smoke. Now, while I think the representation for condoning smoking is probably a little naughty lol – no one ever got offended. It was accepted for exactly what it is – A CANDY! You could even buy milk bottles, teeth and bananas and yet i’m shocked the elderly community hasn’t taken offence to the teeth and no one has complained that the bananas resemble a penis *face palm*

Big bird to Steve: WTAF people.. Serious? This dude got his name because he is in fact, A BIG BIRD! He’s not a she and he’s not fat. He’s a big bird but yet all the larger women in the world have taken offence because they get called big bird. A bird in Australia is referred to as a woman. So is chick and sheila. Are all the larger women in the world going to take offence that a female is a chic? Chic means elegant, stylish and petite. A larger woman is obviously not chic so I guess they should get offended right? Let’s just change everything.

Public toilets to suit every gender and sexuality: Not that this problem effects me as I don’t use public toilet what so ever. I go before I leave home and If I need to go while i’m out, I go home. I don’t like the thought of germs and std’s. So this problem doesn’t effect me directly but as a whole, I don’t understand why every thing has to be so equal to the point that every one has to share one facility?
Come on people… Males piss every where. They pee on the toilet seats, on the walls, on the floors and any where within that direction because they have no direction. I don’t care if you’re transgender from a female to a male and had the op to get a urinating penis = this applies to you as well!
Not just that – An open gender toilet invites more pedophilia, kidnappers rapes and murders to happen because those types of sickos now have access to everyone and everything of all different genders and sexes. It’s opened an entire new can of worms that didn’t need to be. I understand that the disabled get a toilet to them selves and others probably didn’t find it “fair” or “equal” but for the love of god… disabled people are not in a position to be sicko’s (depending on the disability of course)

My whole point to this is that the world is changing into a world full of hate, criticism, offense, slander, etc… How can any one in this stone age be positive or feel free to be them selves when they know for a fact that any thing they say or do will get attacked or others will get offended or attacked if they don’t agree on something? What ever happened to letting people have their own opinions and feelings? What ever happened to understanding that everyone is different with different morals, beliefs and opinions? What ever happened to the respect level where you’re suppose to say nothing at all if you have nothing nice to say?

No one can post a photo without something bad being pointed out, no one can post a video anymore without someone finding a bad thing about it. No one can say anything anymore without some attacking them. Its pathetic!
Bring back each to their own and let it be before a world of bullies came to be keyboard warriors.

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