Bucket List

I follow quite a lot of celebs on social media’s. I like to keep up to date with the shows I watch and any new movies coming out too. I know it’s kind of cheating but I have never minded a spoiler or 2.
One of my most recent celebs to follow is Will Smith. I’ve always liked him as an actor, but not enough to follow all his work. How ever, a news article released that Will Smith would be going sky diving for his 50th birthday.
I couldn’t help but want to check that out. I started following him on Instagram and noticed that he not only did the sky diving for his 50th, but he also went on to do a bucket list of fears. From sky diving, swimming with sharks, driving sand buggies in the desert, doing stand up comedy live and grand prix racing with his boys. I’m not certain if the sand buggies and grand prix racing were fears of his. Maybe they were just bucket list desires?
Either way – It’s been inspiring to watch Will Smith and his family go on this bucket list journey.

So inspiring that it got me wondering what my own bucket list challenge would look like.
In terms of a fear bucket list. My top 5 would look like this:

*Stick my hand in a tank full of hunstman spiders
*Let a snake slither on me
*Take a ride on a plane
*Stand in the center of a mosh pit or square times on new years eve (face a large crowd)
*Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower or The Grand Canyon.

I have no intentions of fulfilling my fear bucket list even if there is only 5 things on it. Let me tell you why…
Back in 1992. I was 12 years old and went on a school camp to a place called Cooee Bay. I can’t remember much of the trip at all but I won’t ever forget going on a hike with the whole class, our teachers and the camp leaders.
I’ll never forget because it was the first time I had ever come come into contact with my fear of heights.
We hiked up a mountain and the further up we got, I felt dizzy with vertigo, my hands were shaking and sweaty, my knees felt wobbly and my heart was racing as each level appeared to be a plunge of death.
We almost made it to the top of the mountain when I slipped and tumbled down the entire mountain and landed in a pile of cactus plants!!! You think that was the most humiliating part? NOPE! That part was coming to the acceptance that the mountain was the same height as a 2 story house LoL! I shit you not!
That mountain seemed huge in my 12 year old eyes and getting laughed at all the bus ride back to camp while pulling prickles from every where wasn’t my idea of fun either. I avoided height like the Ebola after that incident.

In 2000 when I was 20 years old (Let’s establish here that I was an ADULT) A guy that I was dating at the time, wanted to help me conquer my fear of heights. He worked as a scafolder, loved rock climbing and was a professional moto x racer (not a stunt rider) He pretty much loved the dangerous side of life and couldn’t understand my fear of heights.
So he took me on a weekend away to a town called Townsville. While we were there, he wanted to show me a mountain called Castle Hill. It didn’t sound that bad. You can’t drive up mountains right? -_- Well at least, that’s what I thought.
Turns out it can be driven up. There’s a big look out, a car park, a toilet block and all up the top of that mountain.
So he challenged me and up we went… I held a pillow over my face the entire drive up the mountain so I couldn’t see over the edges at the height. I don’t even want to imagine was people who drove past were thinking of my kidnapper LoL!
Before I tell you how this ended… let me first state that Castle Hill rises to a height of some 286 metres (938 ft) above sea level!!!!
So we get to the top and the vertigo kicks in, the sweaty palms, the shaking knees and hands kinda of resembling a mini seizure as I tried holding on to everything in my wake for stability.
As we walked over to the ledge of the mountain and I tried my breathing skills, that was it for me. I was done. I stood there puking my guts up repeatedly and to rub wounds in ever further… something wet was running down my legs 🙁 I was wearing a long skirt thankfully and there was a toilet up there that I could throw my underwear away and clean up but that didn’t stop me from being aware of what i’d done or the fact I left there with with no underwear on. UGH! The shame.

So nooooooo i’m not going to try and tackle getting on a plane, looking over the grand canyons or going up the Eiffel Tower. I have never had a desire to become famous… especially not with the Guinness book of records for how much one human being can be sick from both ends!!!

I’d rather focus on a bucket list I could do such as:

*Go to the Gold Coast Theme Parks.
*Take my kids on a camping trip
*Have a movie night in the back yard with bean bags and a blow up cinema screen
*Go to the Bellingham maze
*Sit on the beach at night on a rug eating Chinese food

Now you’re probably wondering why I haven’t done any of the above when it’s simple stuff. Well… I’ve never had a licence so I can’t take my self to the theme parks and I won’t take public transport because… EW EW EW!
If I have a destination to go to, I want to go there without returning with every disease under the sun along with 4 different unknown stds. Human’s are grubs.
I bought my daughter a tent when she was 9 and it took me 2 days to put the bloody thing up!I’m also terrified of spiders and snakes so me taking my kids camping without someone who knew about camping would be a recipe for disaster. I’ve never met any one into camping. I did it alot as a teenager with mates and we all helped each other out but I wouldn’t do it alone with out having my own adult supervision lol
Those big blow up cinema tv’s are over $1000 and with a mortgage to pay on top f everything else – I’ll be waiting a while. It’s actually one I may fulfill some day.
I haven’t gone to bellingham maze for the same reasons I haven’t gone to a theme park and I haven’t sat on the beach to eat Chinese because It’s more of a romantic fantasy bucket list than a solo one lol

How would your bucket list look if you had one with fears and dreams?

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