Chapter 1 – gone girl

It all it all stated in 2005 when I met Martin. I had just come out of a 6 year relationship with my ex Brian. I had a 1 year old daughter with Brian. Martin had been single for 3 years prior to meeting me. He had 3 year old twins, Lawrence and Amara with his ex, Lee. Lee also had a daughter called Ruth when she met Martin. Martin and Lee shared the 3 kids together. Martin would have the twins 3-4 days a week and some times had when had the twins Ruth too. I have heard stories from every party in regards to Martin and Lee’s relationship from the 11 months that they were together and it’s quite chilling. Every one but Lee has the same story. Lee claims Martin chested and used violence. She also claims that she never moved on until after she left him. However, Martin, Martin’s family, and Lee’s family all state that Lee left Martin 1 week before the twins were born to be with another man. While that information doesn’t seem relevant right now, it will become evident as to why I included it.

Child safety were involved with Lee and the twins during the first year of their life too. The twins were hospitalised twice for malnutrition and being underweight. Lee has always maintained that Lawrence was lactose intolerant while Amara had twin sympathy for him. The twins both drank normal milk and had no problems at all with dairy products. This information is relevant to part of the story in 2018 when I was handed paper work starting authorities involvement and why. Lee has never told her the kids the truth and the kids believe their mother’s version of what happened to them.

A custody court case was also involved but Martin backed down from proceeding after Lee threatened to take the kids “underground” a private arrangement was made when the twins were 1 for Martin to have them 4-5 days a week which was far greater than what a judge may have given him as back in those days father’s were not considered full time as much as Mother’s were. It was a good deal and it was stuck to.

And while it seems I am making it sound like Lee is a horrible mother, a liar etc… I haven’t mentioned that she was only 17 when she had Ruth and just 19 when the twins were born. She was really young and while some teenagers grow up and change after having kids, some don’t. And in all honesty, when I met Martin, I never really considered the age factor that Lee had children. I couldn’t see passed the “mum” factor.

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