Chapter 2 – gone girl

Meeting the twins for the first time was interesting. Lawrence was quite shy and quite in general. Amara on the other hand was rude, disrespectful, mean and refused to have anything to do with me. I was understanding. She’d had her father all to her self for 3 years and then I come along with a child of my own wanting to play happy families. It would have been difficult for both the twins. They were only 3 years old.

Ruth,(who was 5 at the time) on the other hand was a vibrant ray of sunshine. She always wore a smile from ear to ear, she loved cuddles, dancing to music with me, laughing at new McDonald’s farm with me, reading bed time stories with me, and telling jokes. Every time she came to see me she would have a new joke from school. She was always so happy, excited and such a loving little girl. She was always following my daughter, Rose and I around like a lost puppy.

In the first 6 months of dating Martin I found it extremely difficult to connect to the twins on any level. A lot of it was because Martin didn’t wish to be an authority figure to them when it came to right from wrong. He was happy to punish them for things that effected him. Such as, waking up too early, getting out of bed before him, not going to sleep when he wanted them to, or for having sibling rivalry in the car when he was trying to concentrate on driving. But everything else was a no zone.

The twins would call me names, jump on my couches, steal money out of my car, they destroyed all my deceased nans property she gave me, they would wake my daughter up, break my daughters toys and treat me like garbage. The twins always said their mum told them to do it and told them to it was the only way to get me out of the picture if they wanted their dad to them selves. Martin would never tell the twins that their behaviour was unacceptable or teach them to have respect for me. He wanted to be a cool dad I guess?

We often argued over the kids and had very different opinions on parenting.

I noticed in the first 6 months that Lee would never call her children or message us to ask about the kids when they were in our care. It was a drop off and pick up situation with neither Martin or Lee having any communication for themselves or the kids in between. None of the kids ever asked to go home, to see their mum or call her either. It was so strange. My daughter was by then 18 months old and hated being away from me. Rose loved going to see my mum but not for long periods of time and always had to call me to say what she was doing. She’s now turning 15 and nothing has changed with that lol The twins would scream and cry when we had to take them home. They would do a starfish position so they didn’t have to get in the car and cry the whole way to their mums. They never wanted to go home and were always excited to see their dad. Ruth wasn’t like that she loved home time because she always got to go stay with her grandmother during weekdays and loved being with her grandma. I always found it very odd that Ruth didn’t live with her mother full time. She was with her grandmother and Aunty most of the time. I never pried into any of the situation though. I just tried to be a friend to the 3 kids and be apart of their lives.


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