Chapter 3 – gone girl

Throughout the course of 2006, nothing changed with the twins behaviour towards me. Lawrence was never as bad as Amara was with name calling, using violence on me or screaming at me but he was still quite difficult to deal with. I was all on my own in feeling like a piece of trash in the picture. They were allowed to say what ever they wanted to me, treat me how ever they wanted to, break everything of mine and my daughters and it was acceptable. Martin’s opinion was that I was the adult and needed to ignore it all and the twins were children that needed to be left alone. He didn’t want to know how any of it made me feel. It made me resent him and his kids for being allowed to mistreat me. In Martin’s eyes they were only 3 years old and I was the one that needed to grow up.

In mid 2006, things went haywire. Lee found a partner earlier that year and she changed drastically compared to previous. All of a sudden the kids would always be hungrier than usual, they stopped getting new clothes as much as they had been, Lee would ask us for money, food and cigarettes and the kids all seemed different in general with sleeping habits, mood changes and so forth. They wouldn’t talk about it “mum said we’re not allowed to talk about what happens at home”

It wasn’t till one afternoon in June that things started to take a turn for the worse. The twins were already at our house and we weren’t expecting Ruth that weekend. I was inside folding clothes while Martin was playing water balls games out the back with Rose, Lawrence and Amara. I heard a loud car pull up out front and a mans voice saying goodbye to who ever they had dropped off. I looked out the window and seen Ruth running up to my front door.  She was happy and bearing a little box in her hand. I let her inside and she went running through the house to find all the kids. I told her they were out the back yard playing. Ruth went into Rose’s room to play by her self. I told her she could go out side and play with them all if she wanted to but she was happy to be on her own. I asked her why she was at my house and she said “I wish you were my mum” I had chills down my spine. What possessed her to say such a thing?  I stopped in my tracks and sat down on Rose’s bed with her to see if she wanted to talk. She didn’t. She wanted to show me her beautiful new necklace that her uncle had bought for her. As far as I knew, she only had one uncle from her mums side. Her dads side wasn’t in the picture. Ruth stated it was her uncle Al. I didn’t know of any uncle Al which was odd. Ruth went on to say that her uncle gave her the gift to keep a secret. Roughly 5 mins into our conversation, I noticed love bites on the left side of her neck too. She was just 6 years old ? By now you can guess where this is heading right? I don’t really need to get into a graphic detail of the situation but I ran to get Martin and he advised that I should call Lee about it. I wish back then that I have of gone with my gut instincts to call the police instead of Lee because those kids May of all had a very different out come in life if I’d have done the right thing.

Lee seemed just as panicked as I was when I called her. She quickly got a friend to bring her straight over to my house and pick Ruth up. Lee seemed genuine that she would take Ruth to the police station and report it all straight away. I didn’t question it or have any reason not to believe her at the time either. Lee legit seemed genuine and panicked as much as I was.

A few days later Martin’s little brother came to  our house in a panick. He said that his father had been accused of having explicit photos of Ruth on his computer and was no longer allowed to see the twins. Martin and I had no idea that Lee even allowed Ruth and the twins to see Martin’s father. We had nothing to do with the man and I hadn’t even met him through out the course of my relationship with Martin because Martin had nothing to do with him nor had for years since his father tried to kill him with an axe. The man had mental problems and we didn’t want our kids near him. Martin didn’t even know that Lee had remaind in touch with his dad. How ever, Martin’s dad was not a predator nor had sexual tendencies. He was a narcissistic prick that beat his wife and kids. So we were rather confused to say the least. How did Ruth go from getting love bites from an uncle that dropped her off to us to having nude photos of her self on Martin’s dad’s computer if she never went to stay with him? It soon came out that Lee often let Ruth and the twins stay with Martin’s dad when ever she had them in her care. Police were involved but found no evidence which wasn’t a shock.

When I quizzed Lee as to what was going on, she stated that Ruth came out with it all by her self and she was devastated about it and suspected that Martin’s dad or her own brother gave Ruth the love bites on her neck. It didn’t make sense. Ruth had told me it was her apparent uncle Al.

When it was our time to pick up the twins form their mum, Ruth didn’t come running down the stairs to say hello or try to come with us. It was strange. She had always done it. I asked the twins where Ruth was. They said she was not allowed to see me or Martin anymore because she talks too much about their home life and it’s not allowed. We didn’t ask any more questions or pry for fear of upsetting the kids. But we were quite perplexed and confused when they also told us that they got to stay with Martin’s dad the night before. They said Ruth wasn’t allowed to but they were still allowed to see their poppy cause he didn’t have any photos of them.

What kind of a mother let’s any of their kids stay with a man they suspect is a child sex abuser? It didn’t add up.

I waited till the Monday morning after the weekend and waiting for Ruth at the front gate of her school. She had always walked to school alone. She was so happy to see me. We had a bit of a chat and I quizzed her about the situation with Martin’s dad. She said she was really confused about the whole situation. She said she got into big trouble for telling me about her uncle Al giving her a present and marks on her neck because the man uncle Al was Lee’s new boyfriends brother. Ruth also said that she had no memory of Martin’s dad ever taking any photos of her. She said her mum told her to say that so she had a reason to stop Ruth from seeing me cause she told me too much stuff. None of it made any sense to me. We didn’t get to see Ruth from that day forward either until she was 9 years old. We got to take her to the park with all the kids and didn’t get to see her again after that till she was 11 years old.

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