Elderly With Technology

So my nearly 70 year old mother has decided to take a liking to technology over the last couple of years. More to the point she loves candy crush, word cross puzzles and games as such but I have found some of her ideas on technology to be rather alarming. I’m sure some of you will be able to relate with the elderly you know…

Earlier this year I load some games on to a lap top for my mum, much to her delight. I hand her the lap top with a game already loaded and place in on her lap to go for gold. I walk away only to have her yell out to me not even 30 seconds later. “Tanya this stupid thing won’t work” So I go to her aid. “What seems to be the trouble?” I ask her.

To which she places her fingers on the lap top screen and scrolls her fingers along it as if it’s a touch screen. She’s like full on tapping and trying to scroll on this screen as if it’s going to work any minute mind you.

I stand there in full disbelief. “You’ve got to be kidding me mum? It’s not touch screen. You have to use the mouse!” She didn’t like that idea much and gave up quite quickly.

My sister gets a brand new iPad and gives her old one to my mum a few weeks ago. My mum was in her element getting to play all her games. She recently had her sister visit and thought it was pretty awesome she had an iPhone and that they could communicate online. So i set that iPad up all in her name name with her own apple i.d and try to show her how to use it. She was terrified of emails so we stayed clear of that one while I showed her how to use i messages instead. I have an iPhone too so I used my self for her to practice on trying face time and i messages. She mastered the face time no probs at all. Then i get her to try i messages. After like 15 mins of waiting for this miraculous long message i’m expecting, up pops “How’s your bum?” How’s my bum??? Seriously? That’s what she came up with after 15 mins of typing? *face palm*

But the best one was this morning when I was complaining I needed to find a mouse in order to copy/paste something from the lap top. Mum and I go searching for a mouse. “There it is!” She points excitedly. So I go to where she’s pointing only to see that she is pointing to a keyboard. “Right mum, how am I going to copy paste anything with that?” I ask her, trying not to giggle. “It’s big enough to” She scoffs! OMG!!!!

Have you got an elderly with technical issues like this? Share your stories below in the comments :))

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