Sorry, I speak deaf!

So i’ve got hearing issues. Had them ever since I was born. Last I checked at 12 years old I had 80% hearing in my right ear and like 20% in my left ear. My hearing dr said a hearing aid wouldn’t work on me with one ear having more hearing than the other so I was given this ugly box with a head set and mic called an FM receiver. The teacher wore the box with the mic and I wore the head set. Boy did I cop some teasing over it! I ended up burying the Fm receiver and vowed to learn other ways of hearing and communicating over the years. I took up asl which I barely remember anymore.  Never met another deaf person in my life time to be able to swap ideas or share stories with.

My hearing has gotten so bad over the years that i had permanent tintitus and I can’t hear anything in my left ear any more at all other than beats to music and a whole bunch of mumbling. Having kids wasn’t so bad. I just co slept with them, made sure to put my hand on them so i could feel with they moved and made sure to have them next to my right ear. My family have all learnt to deal with it too. They make sure to face me when talking to me, never talk on the left side of me and although they often get frustrated having to repeat them selves. They’re use to it.

How ever, life out side of my house is quite interesting. Like going to a shop for example. A lot of shop assistants and register workers like to look down when speaking or if they’re getting you something from behind the counter, they often talk side ways. That side of things like to make my life really difficult so  I have a system.
A system that doesn’t always work out for me actually and can often lead me to leave that shop saying i’m never going to return to it! So i’ve worked out every time I go to a counter to pay for items, the register worker always generally says “Hi, how are you today?” OR “Hi, will this be all today?” It’s always 99.9% something a long those lines and with the help of some lip reading, i can generally work out which one they’ve said. After paying for the items, the attended generally always says something along the lines of “have a good day” Or “would you like the receipt?” these 2 can get tricky if the attended isn’t look at me when they speak. Sometimes they have asked if I would like my receipt and i’ll reply with “You too” As in have a good day your self. That’s always garenteed a few weird looks but nothing compares to when they say “have a good day” and I assume they’ve asked if i want my receipt and reply with “No thanks” *face palm* “No thanks, you won’t have a good day?” UGH! Awkward!

Not long ago I even had a sonographer yell at me after 3 times of me saying “pardon?” She was like “what are you deaf or having a bad day?” Much to her surprise when I notify her that I am indeed deaf. Out come the apologetic gestures of course!

A day in the life of Tanibooks hearing issues will be coming soon. The struggles are real.!!!

Keep smiling, Love Tanibooks xx

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