Sex Ed In School

I have a really naive 12 year old. You know the type that is actually 12 years old and acts 12 years old? She might not be into barbie dolls and babies but she is one of those kids who still play with friends. They make slime, they do puzzles, they have picnics, go to the cinema’s,  do each other’s hairs and still have childish birthday parties lol. She’s not into the opposite sex or even the same sex for that matter.

I know a lot of 12 year old’s out there are already smoking, drinking, having sex, wagging school, into drugs and so forth. That’s not my kid… well… not yet anyways LOL!

So, anyways my 12 year old comes home to me last week after school and says “Mum I have a sex ed exam due next week and I need help studying for it” Naturally I assume it’s all on puberty. You know, simple things like periods, hair growing in new places, acne and all that sort of business. So I ask her to show me the study questions before I agree to help her with it.

The first couple of questions on the rest didn’t seem too bad. Like define puberty? When do males and females go through puberty? What is the difference between male and female development. etc…

But then come questions like:  When is a woman fertile? What is semen? What is the purpose if semen? How does fertilization occur? What is a wet dream? And so forth…. I find myself sitting there, mouth open wide, sweaty palms, and my butt hole clenching over the thought that my 12 year old needs to know this stuff. Even worse that she’s asked ME for help with answers. I had to go ahead and decline on that one. I felt so awkward and uncomfortable. I found myself wishing I was one of those mums who did feel comfortable discussing that sort of thing with my kids.
Don’t get me wrong, I had no problems preparing my daughter for her periods before, during and after she got them. I had no issues explaining all her new hair, pimples. unexplained appetite and quick growth spurts. But this? This was something I didn’t really think I needed to discuss with her until she started taking an interest in sexual behavior like getting a boyfriend or talking about her crushes with friends etc…. So I found my self stumped!

“I’m going to call your dad in on this one for help” I tell my daughter. So I call her dad and he’s feeling the same way as myself when I start reading out some of the questions. “You gotta be shitting me?” He says blown away. “12 year olds need to know this shit?” He continues. We debate on weather or not we should discuss it with the school or just get her through it? She’s been getting A’s and B’s this semester so we decide there’s no point in going to the school.
It’s a catholic school and they preach on this kind of stuff plus there are a lot and I mean, A LOT of 12 years old having sex so why ruin it for the ones who really do need educating on the matter?

So her Dad and I do our best on answering all the questions with the help of google (which mind you i’m glad our daughter didn’t use because some of the images are next to pornography lol) We give her our answers sheet and tell her to study out answers. Should have seen her face like “my mum and dad know all this stuff?”

We managed to avoid having “The talks” with our kid but I doubt it I can put it off much longer with her being so inquisitive.

How did you cope with the sex education in your kids school?

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