Oops! Wrong mum.

I know mummies tend to have a lot of awkward moments. Let's face it, we're over worked and under paid for our duties that cause us to have brain fart moments. But what's called when your kids have these moments? My kids are identical to me with being accident prone, awkward and having a lot of brain fart moments. Perhaps it is hereditary? lol

So a few years ago, I had to pick my kids up from school.. Well obviously they had to be picked up every day but this particular day with a hell of lols! 

We lived really close to the kids school, like 5 or 6 streets away but the traffic was insane between 7am - 9.30am and 2pm -3.30pm with school hours and 5pm to 6pm with the insane after work traffic rush. And it just had to be the main road that the kids school was on didn't it? 

So one afternoon after collecting the kids from school I decided to go around the back roads to avoid heavy traffic. I thought I'd take them to the bakery shop for a drink and a treat and we could sit and eat while waiting for the traffic to die down a little. 

The bakery is in a complex full of other shops and I didn't expect it to be so packed but it was. Finding a car park was even a mission. But we found one and entered the bakery with a line up out the door grrr

It wasn't so bad. I mean, it all chewed up time while the traffic jams did there thing.

I grab myself and my son a drink from the bakery fridge but my daughter can't decide on what drink to get. I notice the line up is starting to get a bit longer. 

No joke, this bakery shop is like the size of a living room. You wouldn't be able to fart without clearing the store.

So I tell my daughter to keep looking for what drink she wants and let her know that i'm taking my place in the que with her little brother. Obviously she's in plain eye sight and only 1 foot in front of me.

I'm placed 6th in the que and move up to 4th by the time my daughter finally decided what drink she wanted. She looks behind, left and right to look for me and then proceeds to walk toward a woman 2nd in que. My son and I notice her walking towards the wrong woman.

I've gotta give my kid some credit though. This woman could have been my twin with the same long dark hair tied in a pony tail, a singlet and denim shorts on just like me and was roughly around the same size too. 

My daughter casually stands beside the woman and says "I'm getting apple juice" My kid is starring at her juice so she doesn't see the woman look down at her like who the heck are you? The woman doesn't even reply to her but I'm guessing my kid wasn't paying attention. "Mum don't say anything let's see what she does" My son says to me. I ponder on this for a second and of course my amusement wins the argument I have in my own head. 

So we continue to watch and all of a sudden my daughter grabs this woman's hand as if it's mine and she says "mummy it's taking so long" My son and I burst into laughter so bad. My poor daughter then realized we were 2 customers behind that woman. The woman starts bursting out in laughter too and my poor daughter was so embarrassed.

Good old laughs and memories to tell the grand kids some day!

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