Reverse Rolls

Reverse Rolls:

I got a house full of kids who’s favorite words consist of “no” “later” and “i’m busy” it seems to be their biggest vocabulary these days. I’m sure parents with tweens and teens can relate?

These kids have 1 job and 1 job only – to take their plates,cups and rubbish to the kitchen after use and to keep their areas tidy. Do you think they can do that? NO! Not without me losing my marbles anyways.
I’ll sometimes ask the kids for help to peal potatoes but it’s always a no or a massive argument to get any help.
None of these kids have any chores to do or house work at all. They get it so easy and so good. They all have phones, lap tops, ipads, iphones, ipods, and an xbox one with all the latest gadgets and devices.
But, no they won’t peal a god dam potato for me!

I am a really cruisy mum who likes to use compromising and solution tactics as my parenting skills. The kids are all happy to sit down and chat to me about their dramas, their days in general, relationship problems (this includes friends and family) etc… But they won’t peal a potato for me!

“Mum can you help me find such and such? can you get me a drink? can you make me something to eat? Can you buy me this or that?” I help them with everything they want or need. But do you think they’ll peal a potato for me?

The oldest one loves to steal smokes off of me, he will eat my sisters food, if I get cranky at him for back chatting he gets spiteful and destroys stuff of mine or hides my kids belongings etc… But when I ask him to peal a potato it’s a death sentence for him.

The kids all put in their dibs for what they want on grocery day, we give them tuck shop money for school lunches every day, they get to go out with friends with money and all but don’t they dare peal a potato because the might catch a disease called kindness right?

So I’ve decided to play a little game in the new year… It’s called reverse rolls. This is where for an entire day they all get to be the parents while I be the child. They have to do all the house maintaining and chores and they get to boss me around but I get to say NO to everything they request. I get to tell them what I want for dinner and they have to make what ever I request. Wish me luck because I intend to give them a good dose on what parents have to cop every single day!
And don’t you worry I’m going to request potato bake, mash potato and bubble and squeak as my dinner that night!

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