Vomit Wash

My 11 year old son calls out to me from the shower, so I run down there hoping he’s all good.
When I arrive, he asks me to pass him some body wash as he doesn’t like soap.
There was some body wash right in front of him but he hadn’t taken any notice of it simply because it was in a girly bottle and was the colour apricot.
I suspected the body wash must have belonged to my daughter because I’d never seen it before.
My son has his own lynx body wash but he doesn’t keep it in the bathroom cause he hates it when other people touch it. He’d forgotten to take it with him for this shower run.
He wasn’t really keen to use a girls body wash and I thought it was because he thought his sister might get mad at him for touching it. I assured him that I would let his sister know he was going to use some and sure she wouldn’t mind.
He got all excited to hear that the body wash belonged to his sister. He closed the shower curtain and I heard him say “Time to wash my balls and my hair” With a bit of an evil chuckle.
Typical! The kids are for ever at sibling rivalry. Don’t get me wrong, they have a great relationship and get along 99.9% of the time but love their pranks on each other.
I walked out of the bathroom and went about resuming what I was doing prior to being interrupted for body wash.
Roughly 5 mins later my son is screaming the house down in anger because he apparently smells like dog’s vomit. Don’t ask me how he knows what the specifics of dog vomit reak of (I don’t wanna know)
So I race down to his bedroom to see what all the commotion was about.
My daughter is behind me by the time I get to the bedroom door.
My son tried to beef on with his sister while she is in hysterics. I’m in the middle of them both trying to work out what is going on and why he think he reaks of vomit.
My daughter kindly announced, while laughing – “Why do you think I left my body wash in the shower?” She made a clear statement that she had left it there for others to use because she didn’t want it.
I smelt my sons hair and sure enough he was spot on with what it smelt like. I’ve never smelt dog vomit in my life but kinda of suspected his hair was identical to it.
I had to ask him, I just couldn’t resist – “did you end up washing your balls with it too?”
To which he looked up at me with watery eyes and said “I didn’t know it was going to smell like that mum” Poor kid. LOL Even his hands reaked of vomit from using the body wash.
It was so bad that I had to send him back for another shower with my own dove body wash and even that didn’t terminate the rotten vomit smell all that much.
I later went and asked my daughter where she go the body wash from because I hadn’t bought it or seen it before. She explained that her boyfriend’s mother had got it for her from her son for valentines day. My 11 year old son over heard her and shouted out “Well we all know Brad’s mum don’t like you very much”
What’s even worse is that my daughter not only got body wash in vomit odor but his mum also got my daughter an entire bag of products in the exact same brand and smell. -_-
Let’s just hope my daughter isn’t mean enough to refill deodorants or soap boxes with dog shit for pay back LOL!

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