Warm Fuzzie

Found a post on Facebook this morning.. It was all about growing up in my generation. From having home phones with the long winding cords to cassette tapes.
My 11 year old son found it all very intriguing and wanted to know all about my generation and what each 90’s post was about.
It was really nice that my son took such an interest in my childhood and I found it to be some what a bonding moment…
That was until we got to the post about the good old day’s of “warm fuzzies” before I could even explain that a warm fuzzie was a folded up letter filled with positive things about someone we wanted to compliment, my son decided to ruin the whole moment.
He is male after all..
“Mum, a warm fuzzie sounds like something I do when I go to the toilet first thing in the morning” -_- -_- -_- -_-
He burst out into laughter of course while I sat there face palming my forehead. He didn’t even want me to explain what a real warn fuzzie was. He just walked off laughing his dear off repeating “Warm fuzzie” Ruuuuuuude!

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