Our family trip to America…

Had a productive week so far… we ALL took a family trip and went from Bundaberg to Brisbane by car on Monday, (don’t ask me how all 7 of us fit in the car, it was a tight squeeze)’WE’ being my mother, myself, my sister, my son’s dad, my daughter, my son, my step granddaughter and my son’s step brother.
We caught a plane from Brisbane to Sydney and then caught another plane from Sydney to Los Angela’s. Mummy was scared the entire time like monsters were going to eat her.
We went and seen the big Hollywood sign From the ground because mummy was too scared to go to the top. We then jumped on a plane from L.A to California Monday night.
On Tuesday we spent the day at Disneyland and 6 flags. Mummy wouldn’t get on any of the rides because she had no spare clothes if she threw up on her self ? We then jumped on a plane Tuesday night and went to Arizona.
On Wednesday we went to the Grand Canyon park where mummy threw her hole up and shit her pants ?
On Wednesday night we caught a plane from Arizona to Washington DC.
We have spent today at the White House.
Mummy seen one of the guards wearing a gun so she ran out of the building like she just seen a big spider.
We’re going home tonight. We have to fly from Washington to L.A and then go to Sydney, to Brisbane and back home to Bundaberg.
It only cost $64,969 for all of us to go. But that doesn’t include the cost of everything we did while we were in America.
And did you know that Oklahoma is only famous for Hanson ? mmmm bop ok!

Well…this was my 11 year old son’s math assessment. He had to google everything.
We didn’t really go, but I’d like to know why I was the only pussy on that trip?
My mum would have tried jumping off the plane mid air before getting over the Atlantic Ocean. My son’s dad would have shit him self in the lax airport with the large crowd. My daughter would have been screaming like she was being murdered from the moment we left to the day we got home. My son’s step bro would have been trying to hide in his suitcase and made us roll him everywhere in the suitcase to avoid eye contact with anyone and Seth – don’t even get me started on him! He wanted to go to the super bowl but we couldn’t go there because he is scared of loud noises. ??

Hope his teacher gives him an F for fuck you!LOL, Which is my current mood after reading his assessment.

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