Introduction – Gone girl

There is 3 sides to every story. Your side, their side and the truth. With this particular story, there is many side to it. Their would be the stories of the parents, kids, authorities and many more.

The main young lady to my story is currently writing her own version to all of this as well. I will be posting it once she is done.

But this version of the story is MINE. My version, my ears and eyes, my perspective and opinions and what happened to me through out the process. Please bare in mind that while I feel I’m surrounded by toxic behaviour and people, I do not know what is going on in any of their heads and I am not a shrink to confirm   any of my thoughts, feelings or opinions. I don’t know any of their trauma that makes them the way that they are.

I have named this story “Gone girl” Partially because of the movie and partially because I don’t know if this girl is actually gone for good or there is hope in sight?

The only thing that I’m 100% certain of Is that I have never met another family like this in my life span, nor probably ever will.

Please go to chapter 1 of gone girl for the beginning of this story.

For legal reasons, I can’t state real identities of anyone involved.

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