Chapter 4 – gone girl

In 2007 I fell pregnant to Martin. It was a very complicated pregnancy. I had hyperemesis gravidarum, Raynaud’s disease in my breast and our unborn son had cysts on his brain. It was stressful to say the least and in the midst of it all the twins started prep that year and due to their mum never having good or money, we had to supply them with stuff a lot more.

Our son was born in October 2007. We named him charles. It was of no surprise that the twins didn’t like their new little step brother. “Mum said he’s not our family cause you’re not married to dad” “mum said we don’t have to call him our brother cause you and dad aren’t married” “mum said you and Rose and Charles aren’t our family because you’s aren’t married” blah blah blah it was never ending. The tantrums and spite got worse. I would find my self often wanting nothing to with them. They would cry to their dad “mum said you don’t spend time with us anymore” “mum said you have to take us out by our selves with out the other kids” “mum said you don’t shouldn’t worry about Tanaya or the kids when we are visiting you we are your priority” “mum said we’re poor because you don’t pay child support” it was insane. Martin and I had the twins 4-5 days a week of our own backs and paid their groceries and their mothers cigarettes. The twins were always so tired, withdrawn, angry, hungry, sucking their thumbs worse than ever before and getting worse in general. Lawrence even asked me what a juice bottle with a hose in it was if it had smoke coming out of it. We suspected then that drugs were in play.

We were tired of them never having money and wanted to know why. So we started investigating. Well actually, in legal eyes- it’s called stalking. We would do random drive bys their family home. Every night or 2 was a raging party with lights flashing, music blarring, people yelling and carrying on. It was crazy! Lee and her boyfriend were partying way to hard with kids in their care.

We quizzed the twins about it and near lost our selves in a pile of anger when they told us everything. They said their mum and her boyfriend would always have parties, they often had to sleep in the lounge or share rooms because strange people would kick them out of their beds, loud music kept them awake all the time and gave them bad headaches, they would feel tired and irritated at school, their mum never woke up of a morning to get them ready or pack lunches for them, they had to walk to school and back by them selves, they always had people living with them to help with bills and rent etc…we found out that it had been going on ever since Lee met her new partner in 2006. It was a no brainer that he was the drastic change in Lee and the kids. It went on for years with us being powerless to do anything unless we went to court.

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