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I should of done this sooner and kept a good progress of it but never thought of it until today LOL! Bit slow?

This blog isn’t going to be about my opinions or thoughts. I will do a separate blog on that. This one will be facts and Government expressions for those who haven’t kept track of it with dates and world.

Covid-19 started in Wuhan, Hubei (China) with it’s first case being a 55 year old male. How ever, the disease wasn’t known then to be problematic. They started getting new cases of this mystery virus come in every day there after until there were 60 confirmed cases of it by the 20th of December.

Before the 60 confirmed cases come about, a Wuhan Dr tried to warn his colleagues of the mystery virus on December the 8th. His colleagues leaked the information the dr provided and China tried to arrest the Dr for causing a panic and leaking the information under treason. The China Government are very strict on what they want their country to release.
Unfortunately that dr who tried to warn others, contracted Covid-19 himself and passed away.

Authorities in China did not publicly release any information till the 21st of January 2020.

China went into a full lock down of their country, starting with Wuhan, Hubei on the 2nd of February.
On the 9th of April, China re opened businesses and restrictions from their citizens slowly despite still getting a few confirmed cases of the virus still coming in.

As of the 11th of Aril 2020 China has recorded that they had 81, 953 confirmed cases and 3,339 deaths. How ever if you look at the below on Italy and America, it may indicate that China has hidden a lot from the world and are continuing to do so.

Carona Virus next hit America with their first confirmed case from a 35 year old Male in Washington on the 19th of Janary 2020. New York got hit the hardest of all with the virus and much of the Big Apple falling with thousands of deaths 🙁

America went into lock down on the 13th of March 2020. America is still on lock down to this day. As of April 11th 2020 the U.S have recorded 502,876 confirmed cases, 19,747 deaths and 27,314 recovered .

Australia was next in line after America with a confirmed case on the 25th of January. The case was in Victoria with an undisclosed Male that had returned from Wuhan.
Australia went into lock down on 23rd of March 2020. New south Wales got hit the hardest with Carona.

As of the 11th of April 2020, Australia has recorded 6,222, 56 deaths and 1.793 recovered.

Italy was then hit on the 31st of January when 2 Chinese tourists were confirmed in Rome. Italy took to locking down their country on the 9th of March.

As of the 11th of April 2020 Italy have recorded 147,577 confirmed cases, 18,849 deaths and 30,455 recovered.

I can’t speak on behalf of other countries. I’m from Australia. I am fully aware that many many countries have been contaminated with Covid-19 but the news mostly only talk about China, Italy and America. I think this is because China started it and the other 2 countries got hit the very hardest.

I will update this with any further news that comes in.

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