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I absolutely love this show! I think of it as a cross between the t.v show This is us and 13 reasons why.
It’s got a combination of everything in this show with an unrealistic view of friendship BUT don’t let that discourage you because rather than thinking of their friendship views as unrealistic – You can actually sit there and wish you had those types of friendships for your self and in doing so, you’ll get all the right feels.

In season 1, we got introduced to Jonathan Dixon –  Jon throws himself off the balcony of his work place with a fatal ending. During the midst of this, we see Jon’s wife Delilah in bed with another man. We also see Jon’s mate Rome about to swallow a hand full of pills over his kitchen sink trying to take his own life as well.
You find your self instantly drawn in on que. Why did John jump off his balcony and why is Rome wanting to take his life? Did Jon take his life because his wife was in bed with another woman and he knew about it?
Is Rome that other man? We’re already hooked and invested wanting more answers….

We get to meet more characters through out the episode. There’s Jon’s 3 best mates Rome (who we already seen)  He’s married to an amazing woman called Regina who has dreams of being a chef and opening her own restaurant. There’s Eddie the rock start who quit his dreams due to alcoholism. He resents his wife with a passion for never being home. She’s always working her ass off as a lawyer. In fact, it appears that none of Eddie’s mates like Katherine. They have a son called Theo together.
We also meet Gary who is a survivor of breast cancer. he is the heart of this show in my opinion. He brings the comedy and feels in. He is not good with women and doesn’t let anyone get close to him but also keeps the group together once Jon is gone.
We also get to meet John and Deliah’s kids Sophie and Danny. These 2 characters are instantly likeable and seem to have their heads screwed on for 2 kids who just lost their father.

Anyways I won’t give too much away because it’s one of the shows that need to be watched and enjoyed without spoilers. Every episode comes with mystery and a new secret unraveled to each and every character.

The show covers a lot of topics from infidelity, homosexuality, pregnancy, suicide, depression, business, cancer, friendships, loss, death, secrets, lies, deception, cover ups etc etc… over all we spend season 1 pondering if Jon was a good guy or a bad guy. All I can say is thank god the writers of Pretty Little Liars didn’t intercept with the writing on this show or we might have been waiting 10 years for answers lol

The season wrapped up nicely with a lot of answers we needed for each character and left us hanging on a cliff with the fate of one couple.

A lot of viewers have perceived the show being about the strength of friendship and I can’t deny that. It is a lot to do with all of them being there for one another through the good and the bad but I perceive the show from my own personal as opinion as “A million little things” as to why people commit suicide or get depressed. A million factors play into each other rather than just one reason.

If you have seen this show tell us your intake. And for those who haven’t seen it yet – Check it out!!!