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Welcome to Tanibooks. I am a mum to 12 year old Tia-Rose and Master Seth, 9. Stepmum to 15  year old fraternal twins Alara and Trey and a carer to 17 year old pregnant Kyesha. My house is  never short of laughter, anger or tears. We play pranks on each other, one of us are always bound to say or do the most ridiculous thing but one thing great about this little family of mine is that we always have fun and stick by each other 🙂 Well.. with the exception of the eldest.
I will be writing entertaining mummy blogs, showing off my 12 year old’s artist skills, sharing  my 9 year old mine craft antics, bragging about my fabulousness and over all here to entertain anyone who needs a good laugh, cry, shout out or even critisise me, Eventually I will be adding all my books for sale. From domestic violence, a run away teen and some bored house mummy soft porn you’ll be sure to find a good read.

Enjoy, Love Tanibooks xx

I hope you enjoy some of my very talented daughters art that she likes doing

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