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I’m an 80’s baby – this means I grew up a music lover in the 90’s. I loved Take that, backstreet boys, Fi54, Nsync, Aqua, Aromic Kitten, Blue,  the black eyed peas, Brandy, Monica, M2m, TLC, All Saints, Spice Girls, B*witched, Pink, Destiny’s child, Salt n Pepa,The corrs,  Kci n Jojo, The lighthouse family, The out there brother’s, Peter Andre  etc.. etc.. etc.. I was more into dance music than anything else. I loved dancing to the macarena and all steps songs.

My kids know quite a few 90’s sings thanks to movies like Shrek. My 11 year old often randomly yells at the top of his lungs “SOME BODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD WAS GONNA SAVE ME” I shit myself every time he does it. Who the hell just randomly skips down a hallway shouting a song at their lung power right? UGH!

Anyways, I love to play music while I’m doing house work. I’ll put my ear phones on with my phone in my pocket and a play list of 90’s running on spotify. I barely have any music from this generation. Using head phones often causes me to sing out loud *face palm*

I was once washing up to the out there brothers “Girl your booty is so round, I just want to lay you down. Let me take you from behind. I won’t cum until it’s time. But if I can not sleep with you, maybe I could have a taste? Put your nani on my tongue and your booty on my face”  I was all alone in my kitchen. My son was on his ps4 with headphones on, my daughter was watching a movie on netflix in her bedroom and my step son was in the shed on his x box. But out of no where there was a tap on my shoulder and suddenly “Here was I surrounded by 1000 fingers suddenly… pointed right at me”  All 3 kids were behind me shaking their heads disgusted in me.
I pretty much got the same reaction on a separate occasion while singing The Steppers version of Alice. -_-
Apparently they did not need to know who the f*** Alice was and weren’t impressed that they were forced to know of her.

When Pink’s song Beautiful Trauma came out in 2017, my son was 9 years old. It came on the radio all the time in the car. I never really paid attention to the lyrics. I’m a fan of Pink’s stuff from back in the day but haven’t kept much up to date with her newer stuff. Anyways we get get home and my son starts singing some of Pink’s new hit.
“tough times they keep coming, all night, laughing and f***king*  I stood there bright red faced  I went and watched the film clip with the lyrics on you tube then approached my son and asked him if he thought it was an appropriate song to sing with swearing in it? He says: “Mum if Pink can sing it, anyone can” Not in my bloody house you won’t be! I made it very clear. So the smart ass started singing it out side the front door every time he got it stuck in his head. LOL!

Alot of parents today critisize this generations music for the lyrics. Now I don’t know about you… but have you ever caught your young daughter walking around singing “When I think about you, I touch myself?” OR “If you’re horny, let’s do it, ride it, my pony” -_- I have and believe me, you find your self in 2 worlds being impressed that they’re making attempts to be as hip as their parents with their generation of music but at the same time you’re also disappointed that of all the 90’s music there ever was – they’re choosing to play ones that kids should not be repeating… PERIOD!

I over heard a guy talking to a lady in a shop the other day. He was saying kids today don’t know how lucky they are being given lyrics to every song they hear. Cause back in his day, he had to wait 15-20 years to find out the songs he grew up with were in correct lyrics on his behalf. I can totally relate to that. I grew up thinking the song “My angel is a centrefold” was actually “My angel is a telephone” hmmm! I also believed that Amelia was a big big girl in a big big world and it wasn’t a big big deal if you pleased her -_- But let’s not talk about any of that lol

Have you ever been caught by your kids singing a 90’s song that kids shouldn’t be listening to? Have your kids ever recited a 90’s song that just wasn’t appropriate for their age? Did you ever find out 2 decades later that a song you liked was misheard lyrics? Share in the comments below and tell us all about it!
And stay tuned for my next blog that’s going to be a fun story filled with 90’s lyrics for everyone to guess the songs/singers.