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So last night, my mate and I went for a drive. As we come up to an orange traffic light, my friend didn’t slow down. Nope she went right through it. It gave me a thrill. “Wtf are you doing? It’s an orange light?” I told her sternly. “She be right, we’ll make it” She replied.
We did, but that wasn’t the point. All I could think of was how much trouble we would be in if it turned red and some one got us on camera to give to the police lol
It got my mate and I talking about all the things we use to do as teeangers for a thrill… You know, like speeding when you drive, getting into cars with guys who would speed in their hotted up v8 cars, running through cane fields or graveyards while you were drunk, get on a motorbike as a driver or passenger with no care factor that it’s a death vehicle, you would climb up trees and on to rooves with out a fear in the world or even run by foot from the cops despite doing nothing wrong….
You grow up, have kids and realise that all the things you once did now have consequences and you can’t comprehend the changes between now and then.
Like legit, as you get older and have kids, your adreneline rushes come from trying to read a book at night after you think your kids are asleep or trying to shit without an interuption.
Your thrills come from taking an orange traffic light, hiding your chocolate somewhere and preying your kids don’t find your stash lol You get a thrill out of being able to stay awake till midnight even. No joke, staying up till midnight is something a parent is brag worthy of it because it’s an actual challenge.
My friend and I got talking about all this stuff and decided to go chase some thrills because we are old farts and deserve some fun. It was only a quarter moon and the clouds kept hiding it. But that was ok, we had the car headlights right? So we found a massive cane field and pulled over. It didn’t seem too bad I guess. But then the bitch turned her head lights off and I found myself looking straight down the split path between the 2 cane fields and started to think about Jeepers Creepers. The urge to stay in the car and lock the doors seemed more appealing. “Ok, let’s get out” My friend says. “Sure” I say with full confidence while thinking she can go first and i’ll get out once she gets around to the passengers side of the car.
So she opens her door, gets out, makes it to the boot and then bolts back into the car like Speedy Gonzalez on crack!!! She pushed the central lock and drove off quickly looking like she had just seen a ghost. “What happened?” I asked her. “There was noises in the cane fields” She said. We got talking about all the possibilites of what could have been in the fields such as cane toads, frogs, snakes, bugs, spiders, rats and maybe even Stefan Salvatore could have been waiting to rip our fucking heads off!!!
We realised that neither of us were ever going to step into those cane fields but the thrill of the attempt was “Adreneline rushing” lol
Our next stop was a graveyard and it was the same kind of situation with the pitch black darkness over everything, no lights and an eerie feeling washing over us.
It didn’t feel as bad as the cane fields though. Like with the cane fields, there could have been all sorts of creatures attack us that we couldn’t be saved from but in my head, the worst thing that could happen at a graveyard was an actual human would jump us if they were attempting to dig a grave to rob the dead. My friend on the other hand was thinking of the stuff that I was at the cane fields. “What if Zombies exit the graves and eat our brains?””What if there’s a black witch performing a ressurection?” My friend asked in a freaked out tone.
I couldn’t help but laugh. How ever, my laughter quickly turned to running as we got to the gates of the cemetary. I ran because I got an instant adreneline rush after I invisioned the cemetary as a ghost compound. I instantly felt like scooby doo and went to hide behind Shaggy. We left and laughed the whole way home about our thrilling night.
So that’s what it’s like having to go from a teenager to an adult. And not to mention the days when you would have sex any where, any time any place without a care in the world but as an adult, you’re constantly looking over your shoulder preying that you don’t get caught.
What are some of your adult thrills? Have you ran an orange light? Watched a motorist do a wheelie and thought “wow he’s living on the edge?” have you done 100kms in an 80km zone and felt like you were bullet proof?