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I follow several celebrities on social media. I have a selective few that I want to keep updated with if they have any new shows, movies or songs coming out.
This particular blog is of no disrespect to any of the celebrities that I have targeted. This is suppose to be a humorous post to lighten up some one’s day, or have them as curious as I am. Enjoy the following celeb fails 🙂

The following celebrity photo’s have highly entertained me but then again – small things amuse small minds.

Let’s take a look at this first one of Channing Tatum. He appears be doing a push up in the air using only his arms. You can clearly see that it’s probably real, considering all the veins and muscles in his arms are bulging with great strain. How ever, there appears to be some boots under the table that could very well be a photo shop stuff up. They’re obviously not the boots of Mr Tatum, given the fact he has boots on his feet.
Could there possibly be some one standing there helping Channing to look like the leaning tower of Pisa? Is this why he is only putting all of his body weight on to one arm? The wrist closest to the cup of water seems to be lifted with no weight on it. Could the photo shopper possibly have forgotten to remove the mystery shoes of the person holding Channing up? Or is this simply one of the greatest illusions of all time that we shall never receive an answer to?


Now let’s take a look at Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil.. While there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with this photo, I can’t help but look at Justin’s satisfied facial expression while his dear wife is preparing to star as Super Girl. If this is any indication of what their sex life looks like then I can’t wait to be in my 40’s!!

This next pic of Brittany Spears seems to be rather a curious one. I’m assuming she is probably just grabbing on to the back of her bike seat but, there is also a part of me that is questioning if she a battling a worm crisis? All the joys of being a celebrity. They can’t even get their own mail without someone accusing them of scratching their asses and pulling out a 10′ tape worm right?


This next one of Nikki Reed is highly questionable. Nikki captioned this particular photo letting her fans know that she loves her morning tea. But what we’re witnessing in this photo is that she INDEED loves her tea so much that she needs to have it in bowls… 6 of them to be exact. I’m not sure about you but I have never felt the urge to drink from a bowl, nor ever felt the need for 6 cups of tea, let alone BOWLS!
Let’s take a minute here to hope that Nikki shared with 5 others OR prey that the lord had mercy on her husband and daughter the day this way taken because there’s a strong possibility that Nikki may have been climbing the walls like Spider-man after enduring so much caffeine.

Don’t quote me on this please, but I am almost 99% certain that Patrick Wilson played Stretch? Here we have a clear vision in to Will Smith playing in the sequel with a sense of the real meaning of stretch? I realise the angle of the photo is responsible for Will’s rather long go go gadget arm here but it’s still rather amusing don’t you think?

Liza Snyder posted this cute little photo of her self with Matt Leblanc and their on screen daughter from Man with a plan.. How ever it appears that Matt and Liza have squeezed her so hard that only the remains of one arm and some of her jumper were left behind. This could have been a rather awkward photo to explain had us fans not been able to make out the middle of the body lol

We’ve all heard of the hills have eyes? What if Trees had eyes and got to inspect the fine art of Jenna Dewan’s perfect bod? And what on earth is that creepy tree behind her with all that wire and stuff hanging around like from a horror movie? Did Jenna stumble across some weird kind of ritual ground perhaps?

Last of all, we have a photo of Ryan Phillippe hanging out with friends or family over a feed and a few drinks. I am unsure about you, but I have never seen a door that doesn’t do entry and exit. Perhaps it’s an american thing?
Clearly that’s a door right? But it’s not an exit? I can’t help but wonder how many people have tried to exit it despite that sign? I have seen doors that say “push” or “pull” cause these particular doors only go one way for entry and exit but never in my life have I stumbled across a door that states NO EXIT!!! I wonder if this shop owns a door jar?
You know – $1 for everyone who’s tried to exit it lol